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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Florida Day 2

Monday in Florida was pretty uneventful. The weather was beautiful though, and had we known what the next two days were to bring we probably would have gone to the pool. But I digress. Our goal for that day was to take the kids to The Peabody Hotel
to see the march of the ducks.

Each of three Peabody Hotels keeps five mallard ducks in the penthouse. Every morning at 11 a.m. they ride down the elevator, walk the red carpet to the atrium, ascend the stairs and jump into a fountain. They swim around in there all day until 5 p.m. where the process takes place in reverse.

We thought the kids would really like this so drove over there to check it out. We were there a little early and had a nice table by the red carpet. The kids had some snacks and we watched a hotel employee vacuum the red carpet. We were anxiously awaiting the royal fanfare, John Philip Sousa's King Cotton March, when all of the ducks came running by before I could even get any video or pictures of it. Apparently, the duck master stated that someone forgot to turn the music on.

So, we kind of missed it. But what we saw was still neat. We also found out that you can call in advance and have someone in your party be the master of ceremonies. Something to keep in mind if we ever decide to travel to Orlando, Memphis or Little Rock. On the way back to our car we saw this and to stop and watch its gracefulness.

And my favorite building in Orlando, purposely built to look like it's upside down.

After treating ourselves the kids to the pizza buffet we went back to our room and had some dessert on the balcony.

This is the little girl I see every day, not the scowling and frowning one everyone sees in pictures.

We took a little walk around the resort to find the pool....

...then my dad and step-mom took us out for a belated birthday dinner.

It was a nice and relaxing day.

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