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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Florida Revisited

We've been back 3 1/2 days and I haven't posted any vacation photos yet. I'm sure you're all just dying to see them, because other people's vacations are so much fun. Ha,ha. We took over 400 pictures, plus have over 50 on the Disney photo pass. I have a feeling once we actually look at them closely quite a few will be deleted since we attempted to take them inside rides. So I will spare you all of the photos and try to just pick a nice sampling.

We're firm believers that sometimes the journey is just as fun as the destination, so we started taking pictures before we even left the house.

I'm always the last one in the car.

Pajamas, babies, pillows, movies, we're all set.

Our fearless overnight driver, full of Diet Pepsi MAX.

We discovered early on that Jordis isn't just a bad traveler during the daytime, but more like ALL the time. I thought she cried most of the night, though Jason said it was only some of the night. So I think it must have been that she just cried everytime I was almost asleep.

3 a.m. Jordis with Daddy at a rest stop that I think was somewhere in northern Georgia.

Jordis couldn't wait to taste her orange juice from the Florida Welcome Center.

This is what you do to entertain yourself and two kids when you get to the resort early and have to wait to check in.

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