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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wednesday in Florida

I bet you can't wait for this Florida trip to be over with, eh? Rest assured, just a few more days. It was day two in a row of cold and cloudy and we ended up giving the kids a coma rest in front of the tv after their rip-roaring daily wake-up call that occurred between 5:30 and 6:30.

We got up and took the kids to this breakfast buffet we like in Kissimmee. There's nothing spectacular about it, but we like to occasionally pick and choose and it makes it easier to feed the kids. It's also really cheap.

After that we headed over to Old Town for some shopping. My dad started taking me here when I was 14. Then I went when I was older, and also on our honeymoon, so now we just can't go to Florida without stopping. I love to go to Black Market Minerals, which is one store that's still there after all these years. The kids pretty much had no interest in being here, but Jordis agreed to a picture so I took the opportunity.

Then it was time for date day. Jason and I had booked a couples massage at a little bohemian looking spa I'd found online before we went down. So we packed the kids some lunch and they spent the rest of the day with my dad and step-mom. They took them to the mini golf at our resort and then got dinner at one of the restaurants. After our massage we came back and got ready for dinner.

Our original plan was to eat at a restaurant where we dined 10 years prior when we were on our honeymoon. However, the restaurant has since moved to a different location, and upon looking at the menu we discovered there wasn't even anything much we wanted to eat there, either. This is only fitting since the place we met is gone, the place where we had our first date is gone, engagement location gone, wedding location gone, it's just a pattern with us.

So Jason found us a new place online before the trip, and it was incredible. At the host stand they asked for our last name so I just spelled it, which I always do, because if you say it people just ask you how to spell it anyway. Little did I know the man was from Shreveport, Louisiana and he said, "Oh, Cajun!" We were off to a good start.

The place was rustic Italian looking and we had a cool half-circle booth. The lighting was dim for ambiance, but not dark enough that you can't see anything. They even completely pulled the table away so we didn't have to slide all the way around the booth. When I ordered lemon in my drink the server brought me a plate of lemons on the side. Bonus points for him!

We decided to go there based on the menu but we both ended up ordering from the daily specials. Jason had some kind of steak with risotto and some grilled vegetables (that I ate, of course, except the broccoli).

My dinner was one of the most fabulous meals I've ever had. It was a butternut squash ravioli in a tomato cream sauce with diced tomatoes and fresh parmesan cheese. It was such a neat combination.

After we picked up the kids and put them to bed we ate our yummy desserts that we got to-go. Jason had a chocolate cake with mousse and ganache and I had tiramisu. No sharing here, we each found our favorites on the menu.

Such a sweet ending to a great day!

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