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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jordis' Christmas Plans

I don't put out any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but I have been faithfully listening to the two all-Christmas music stations since we got home from vacation (they start all-Christmas on Novembmer 1st around here).

This morning I turned it on and the first song was I'll Be Home for Christmas. The kids were in the kitchen eating so I asked them if they had planned to be home for Christmas. Xander said he was, but Jordis said no. Then this discussion ensued at the breakfast table.

Xander: Where are you going?
Jordis: I'm going to visit Santa.
Xander: Wow, that will be a lot of packing.
Jordis: Yep.
Xander: How are you going to get there?
Jordis: In the car. (note: Jordis is the WORST TRAVELER EVER).
Xander: Oh. (insert slight pause for pondering)
Xander: Wait! You can't do that, Mom and Dad won't let you drive.
Mom: Plus, Santa lives at the North Pole, which is in the middle of an ocean, so you can't drive there because of all the water.
Jordis: Oh, okay, I'll get a boat.

So, if you plan on visiting with Jordis for the holidays you might want to get a jump on it. She'll be leaving soon, as she has a long trip ahead of her.

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Kate said...

HA! Kids are so cute! I am all about 93.3 and 94.7 - I forget you are right in town when I read your blog :) I thought when I read that - "no kidding - we have 2 stations here too" DUH!