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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Family Saturday

Jason's grandpa wanted a cookout since so many people were in town, so ask and you shall receive.

Jason's Uncle Ricky and Aunt Chris were kind enough to host. They've come to Ohio before and had dinner at our house, so I was excited that Xander remembered them and didn't mind going to their home.

Of course we had the obligatory group photos. This is Jason's dad sitting between his two sisters, Mona and Pris with his brothers Eddie and Ricky in the back. And PawPaw Latiolais.

This is PawPaw with his grandkids (there are some missing, I think 6, but I'm not positive).
Getting the great-grandkids to cooperate was a different story. I don't think this photo is missing anyone, but has an extra person. Xander kept taking off so Jason had to run by and drop him on his side so we could take the picture before he had time to get up.

We even had to take an in-law picture. This group of us was titled "those of us that had a choice," as in maybe we didn't choose wisely, ha-ha.

We played a game similar to corn hole and had a tournament.

Chatting in the backyard with my sister-in-law, Sarah. We saw each other almost every day for two weeks, but never really got to talk to each other much.

That night Monica recruited her brother and his girlfriend to watch our kids so we could go out. Her other brother manages a bar and had been out of town for the wedding so we decided to hang out there since he had to work. I also got to meet Jason's cousin Trish. I've talked to her online before but we'd never met in person. She's one of Monica's sisters. And even though we all know I'm really pale, in my defense Trish goes tanning. A lot.

This is my new friend Kahea. She's Monica's neighbor/friend and has the most polite kids I've ever met. Again, in my defense of paleness, she's Hawaiian. I just didn't stand a chance this particular night.

And in case you need to leave before you finish your drink, you can....take it with you???

Not sure if that's why they have cups by the door, but couldn't think of any other reason. Thought it was kind of weird so I had to take a picture. Seven of us went to breakfast at the end of the night, which was a fun way to end the night. There's nothing better than people-watching at 2 a.m.

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