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Monday, June 8, 2009

Out and about in the French Quarter

We'd heard lots of good things about the Aquarium of the America's, so we couldn't wait to take the kids to check it out. I even dressed them accordingly....Xander in a shark shirt and Jordis in her frog dress. When we walked in I loved how the fountain looked like fish scales.

Here's some of our favorite pictures of the creatures inside.

These are some favorite pictures of US at the aquarium.

The kids were really excited that we let them pick a souvenir at the gift shop. Xander picked his right away. Jordis wanted everything she saw, but finally settled on these mommy and baby penguins that she named Winnie and Squeak.

After the aquarium we all went to lunch and then did some shopping. We let the kids each pick out some beads. Xander got a police car and Jordis picked mermaids.

Then we went on a carriage ride. The kids had no interest in being there or having their picture taken.

Xander perked up though when our guide, Nick, let Xander *drive* the mule, Rock.

On our way back to the street car we came across this girl singing out in front of St. Louis Cathedral. She was filming a segment for the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. A crowd had gathered and we stayed to listen for awhile.

This is what she was singing. She recorded it in her kitchen and plays all of the *instruments* herself.

Dinner was at VooDoo BBQ.

Then we decided to walk back to our hotel instead of getting on the street car again. It was a nice night, but 1.4 miles with 4 kids in strollers is kind of a long hike. After the band at the hotel next door quit playing (Cinco de Mayo) we slept really well. It was a long, hot day.

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