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Monday, June 1, 2009

Off to Lafayette

After two days in Thibodaux we traveled west to Lafayette to visit the Latiolais side of the family. Jason's cousin was getting married which meant that more people were in town than usual, and the day after the wedding his aunt and uncle hosted a family barbecue. Jason's cousin Monica was kind enough to demand that we stay with them invite us to stay at their house for our 3 nights in town. Jason and I had our own room and the kids had fun sleeping in their cousin Kassy's room. They also had an amazing backyard that made the kids extremely happy.

We ate a late lunch, the kids ran around, and then we all got ready for the wedding. Poor Addison was worn out before we even got out the door.

From what I could tell from my seat in the back row (so we could be by the exit), the wedding was really pretty. It was in a chapel on the campus of The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which is where Jason's dad went to college. The priest even sang to the bride and groom, which I had never seen before, and the kids got 35-40 minutes in before having to be taken outside, so I was pretty impressed. The reception was a little more crazy since it was late and the kids were hungry, but after they got some food they were happy and ran around like banshees.

Jason's uncle/parrain (Cajun word for godfather) Eddie and Aunt Shana. They're the parents of the flower girl and Parrain is also the father of the groom.

Jason's parents

The kids having fun.

Then the kids got too busy to stop for a picture.

Our sister-in-law, Sarah, with our niece and nephew Dominic and Autumn.

Monica and Terry

Jason's dad, and his sister, Aunt Mona

Jason is Autumn's parrain

Jason's Uncle Ricky and his wife, Aunt Chris, have been taking Cajun dance lessons, so they were showing off for us.

Paw Paw Latiolais likes to sit outside and smoke his pipe, so people were taking turns keeping him company. This is Jason and his brother, Jeremy.
Jordis eventually fell asleep with Jason's mom, but the rest of the kids were still going strong when we left at 1 a.m.

Congratuations Dusty and Clare!

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