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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church. The theme was Crocodile Dock, which was a Cajun theme that Xander loved. Tonight I heard him in his room through the monitor saying, "God is with us!" His first day was a little rough, but the rest of the week went great. Since I had to drive him there every day I decided to volunteer, and that was interesting. It reminded me why I'm glad I decided not to be a teacher.

I tried to take pictures of the backdrop, but one of them is a little blurry. And of course we don't have pirogues here, so a kayak had to suffice. One of the leaders is married to a man from Houma, so she pointed out one day that Blossom the Possum was wearing a purple bandana because he must be an LSU fan.

The kids also spent some time with my mom Thursday night so Jason and I could go to dinner and attend a memorial service for one of my former co-workers. They had a great time playing water boats in the tub and eating my mom's homemade popsicles.

On Saturday the kids and I went to Logan with my dad to the Washboard Festival. Xander had seen it on TV and we haven't seen my dad since April so I thought it would be a nice way to spend the afternoon together for Father's Day. My dad's parents are from Logan so we thought about visiting his aunt while we were there, but that didn't work out so well. All in all, it was a nice day though, and the kids loved riding rides and eating lunch at McDonald's. My dad did not love the whining, beating each other up in the back seat and the forcing of Xander to clean-up the trail mix that he threw all over the car.
Align Center

After the festival we met my step-mom at Eagles Pizza by their house for dinner. I've always wanted to try their pizza and it was REALLY good.

Jason was working 2nd shift that night so we stopped to see him on our way home. They had fun visiting with him and two other officers, especially Mr. Travis. He came for dinner one time and read Jordis a book and drew sidewalk chalk with her, so she likes him a lot.

It was a tiring week so looking forward to this next being much more restful.

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