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Sunday, June 7, 2009

On to New Orleans

Back east we traveled on Monday to go to New Orleans for three days. Of course I can't remember now where we were when I took this picture, but I've always been fascinated with trees sticking out of the water there. Jason's brother and his family also went with us. We couldn't get side-by-side rooms, but we were at least in the same hotel. We stayed right on St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District, and we were able to get a room in the front so the kids could watch the streetcar. But the window was so high they had to stand on the coffee table to do it. We could also see the Superdome from our room. I had never been to this part of New Orleans, so I was excited to see this section of the city. After checking in and getting situated, we met Jeremy and Sarah in the lobby with the kids and headed across the street to wait for the streetcar. If you ride it all the way to the end it drops you off at the edge of the French Quarter, at Canal and Bourbon streets. We wanted to eat dinner at our favorite French Quarter restaurant, so it worked out perfectly. There was a private party upstairs so we couldn't have balcony seating, but the food tasted just as good in the main dining room. After dinner we meandered down Bourbon Street and went in a few gift shops. We then made our way over to Cafe du Monde to have beignets for dessert. The kids loved fried dough with powdered sugar goodness and were excited that we bought them hats. My favorite part of Cafe du Monde is people-watching and listening to the artists that sit at the edge of the cafe and play various types of music. This particular evening Tanya and Dorise were there playing electric violin and guitar. They also had a cellist. Unfortunately it looks like I was taking a video of my sister-in-law photographing her kids (sorry, Sarah!) but I was really trying to capture the music and the mood of the evening.
On the way out Jason gave Xander some money to tip the musicians, and I also bought one of their CD's.

Cafe du Monde is across the street from Jackson Square and Sarah took this gorgeous picture of it when we left at sunset.

I couldn't think of any better way to end our day.

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