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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Singing Debut

I mentioned previously how Xander loved his music from Vacation Bible School. We had purchased the CD a few weeks in advance so he could be familiar with all the songs.

He knows all the words.

And the hand motions they taught him.

He said he was going to get up and perform with some of the other kids at church Sunday.

He promised.

Jason worked 2nd shift the night before and was able to adjust his sleeping schedule so he could be there.

Jordis even asked if we could take her to her class late so she could "watch brother sing."

We talked about how the church would have other people in it and that they would probably be looking in his direction, but that we'd show him where we were sitting so he could look just at us.

This is what happened...

We were so proud!

And Xander got bonus hugs for sitting up on stage for a while.

At dinner Monday night Jordis said she was going to take care of bears when she grows up. I told her that given her performance at church I thought she'd be a singer instead. Her reply? "Yeah, I'm gonna be a wockstar."

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