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Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling fishy

After coming back home from Detroit we re-packed and took the kids down to Kentucky. Having saved money by not getting a hotel in Michigan, we decided to treat the kids to a trip to the aquarium and the Ride the Ducks attraction in Newport, Kentucky. We love the Hampton Inn and have stayed there enough this year that it's great for the kids. They know certain things that are always the same at a Hampton property, especially the familiar breakast offerings and cookies in the lobby in the evening. Our hotel was in Covington and we were able to get a view of the Ohio River. The kids liked it when boats or barges passed by.

There were so many choices for dinner, and this is where the kids asked to eat.

This was our second trip to an aquarium this year, so it was neat to see the differences between the two. The kids seemed to have a good time.

After the kids each picked out a souvenir we left and went to get some brunch at Mokka. I'd been anticipating the french toast we had there last year, but then we walked in and this was the daily special...

I LOVE coconut cream pie. How I've never thought of putting it on a waffle is beyond me. But it was really good. After brunch we went back to the levee to walk around and look at the river. Then we took our duck ride. We made sure to get there first so we could sit up front. Before we got in line I took pictures of it from across the river. It's like a driveable boat, originally spelled DUKW and created by GM during World War II. Once everyone's on board they drive you over to Cincinnati where you enter the river.

Of course the best part for the kids is getting their quacker.

The kids each got to drive while we cruised the river.

After leaving the river the tour continues up to Fountain Square in Cincinnati and you get to see some historical sites on the way back to Kentucky. We even passed a homeless man who had his own quacker. After going back to the hotel for a rest we went to Pompilio's for some tasty Italian food. We ate here last year and liked it so much we decided to visit again.

Jordis (aka Spaghetti Face) liked it, too!

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