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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Musical Moments

The kids felt tortured had the opportunity to go to two concerts this past week. On Sunday night after Jason's softball game we took a picnic to Alum Creek Park in Westerville to listen to British Invasion. We first heard them last summer at the balloon show we went to where Jordis was really showing off her far out dance moves. It was a nice night and we thought the kids would have fun. They complained the whole way there but once we got some food in them and it was time to leave, they decided that they were having a good time.

On Thursday night Jason had to work so my mom accompanied the kids and me to Gallant Woods Preserve to listen to some steel drum music.

Xander wasn't keen on this event, either, but we did the best we could. BaDee tried to engage the kids in some dancing and we also let them take turns using the camera.

We also took them on a walk through one of the paths.

Since we had to park across the street we also got shuttled back and forth on a little hayride, which the kids loved.

Along the way we saw a deer and they also liked this windmill.

A trip to the library netted the kids some books about bears and sharks, and movies about manta-rays and crocodiles. They also painted birdhouses.

Can't to see what this week holds.

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Andrea said...

The British Invasion concert looked like fun!