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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is it July already?

Last week went by really quickly. It started with a lovely evening at my aunt and uncle's house. They usually host a family cookout two times each summer and the kids love it because they get to play with their cousins and we let them eat junk. The weather was great and we stayed until dark.

And what color do popsicles make YOUR tongue?

We walked to our neighborhood pond one day to feed the ducks. The kids especially like it if there are duck babies. Xander also found some pinecones to bring home.

The rest of the week I forgot to take pictures. But we went on a play date with our moms group, where Jordis ran into another girl, then fell and hit her head on the concrete. Luckily no stitches but some lovely scrapes on her forehead and eyelid. We also went on a picnic dinner with my friend Catherine and her boys one night. With jackets on, mind you. It was definitely not warm enough to use the pool last week, and I loved it. We even found some time where Jason and his mom were both not working at the same time, so we went to visit his parents for a few hours. It was a busy week, the kids definitely wore me out.

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