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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Our July 4th activities kind of overlapped the whole week. The kids and I spent some time making stars for our friends at the nursing home using blue posterboard and red and silver glitter. Jordis liked passing them out to the residents and Xander gave his to Miss Connie, the activities director, who decorated the tables in the nursing home eating areas.

The next day we went back for story time that included a bike parade for the 4th.

We ate celebratory gluten-free/dairy-free waffles...

On the 3rd Jason was off so we contemplated going downtown for Red, White & Boom, but in the end decided against it. Instead we went and got dinner from our favorite Chinese restaurant and ate at home while letting the kids stay up to see the fireworks on TV. It ended up being a good idea because Xander fell asleep and Jordis got cranky. I noticed this guy standing outside the restaurant while we were waiting on Jason to get the food. I'm hoping he was an Elvis impersonator.

Jason picked up some overtime on the 4th but we were able to squeeze in a late lunch/early dinner cookout at my mom's to celebrate both the holiday and my step-dad's birthday. We had a little lunch...

...a little football...

...and helping Ba fill his bird feeder.

We can see the local fireworks from our deck so the kids and I got all ready to watch them when it started to rain. Then they started 20 minutes late, so the kids were kind of over it before things really started. I ended up watching them myself, cold and wet which is odd for July, then the kids dragged themselves out for the finale.

God Bless America!

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