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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pool time

It was so nice out this past week that we spent a lot of time in our pool. I even got in 2 or 3 times myself (yes, this is not a lie, I got in the pool).

We bought the pool at the end of last summer and were pleasantly surprised at how well it fit on our deck. It got a lot of morning sun which made it nice and warm, and putting it up there kept the kids from getting in and out and dragging grass in the water, which is what would have happened had it been in the grass. We got a cover for it and discovered that we can go 3 or 4 days before needing to replace the water. Monday we spent a nice relaxing afternoon outside and ate dinner on the deck.

Jason went out and bought some new squirt guns, so on Tuesday we had pool day again. My job was basically to refill water guns while everyone else emptied them of their water. As you can see it starts getting shady in the pool around 2:30, so that will come in really handy later this summer when the heat is scorching.

Wednesday, you guessed it, pool day. And on Thursday BaDee came over on her day off to swim in the pool, too.

Saturday night I took the kids to Powell Fest to watch the fireworks. I always say I'll never go, but I did this year because I got to park in the police department parking lot which meant no long walk. Then I proceeded to lose Jordis. Unlike Xander does though, she didn't wander off on purpose. I think she took a bridge over the playground to the walkway and couldn't figure out how to return, so decided to walk around the perimeter to get back in. One of Jason's fellow officers found her about the same time I called him to say she was missing, so it worked out well. As well as it could anyway. Never thought I'd say "thank goodness she had on her LSU shirt," but had I described her as the girl wearing an Ohio State shirt that could have been any number of kids. We finally settled in for the fireworks. I had met up with another officer's wife and their three girls, and the girlfriend of another officer who let us all pile in to his truck for a great view with no crowd.

The kids loved the show and were excited to drive by their dad directing traffic on the way home. I was happy that they slept in for a little bit the next morning.

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Kate said...

We just bought the exact same pool at Meijer! It is great :)